Thursday, February 20, 2003

Yes, Virginia, there is a blog. And a Glencoe too. It’s kind of like Brigadoon……but with more livestock. And less kilts.

Sorry I was out yesterday. Colin had an apple juice hangover. They’re naaaaaaasty.

Anyhow, back to the frivolity:

Set-up: My Dad taught Auto Shop at my high school (pop 400) with blamb’s dad, who taught Geography.

Bryan’s Variety. Main Street Glencoe. Tumbleweeds roll by. A cow lows. A John Deere combine rumbles past. The Fords rust.
Mr. Lamb & my mom and dad chat. Mr. Lamb gets into his car, suddenly leans out the window and says:
Mr. Lamb: Hey, I was on your daughter’s blog the other day.
Mom: Whaa?
Dad: Huh?
Mr. Lamb: Her blog!
Mom: Her blurg? What’s that?
Mr. Lamb: Oh. (Looks embarrassed. Wonders whether this is some secret thing I haven’t told my parents about) Uh, it’s like a website.
Mom: Suze doesn’t have a website, does she?
Dad: I don’t think so…..

Mom was in town yesterday and I promised to send them the url. So: Hi Dad! Hi Mom! Welcome to the blog!

I bet not every blogger has their former geography teacher reading. Next thing you know, the whole population of Glencoe will be reading. Both of them!

Old Glencoe Joke:
“They had to close the Glencoe library.”
“Someone took the book out.”

Oh, and Mom says in my bio movie I’d be played by Meg Ryan, when she was only a little flaky.

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