Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Ice Queen Exposes Herself
Couldn’t find my yearbook (still haven’t unpacked from the move in May). But, I have a special treat.

I have been looking for old poetry from my university days for the Boho Mojo, a night of fine wine and questionable poetry with my girlfriends. I ran across this poem, which my Dear Friend Dave® referenced last time we had lunch. I didn’t remember what poem he was talking about, until I found this this morning:

A Waking Dream
Black, soft, warm, wet
Soft, cream, melt in your mouth
Push the spoon
Into her side
Dim light:
Body dissolves
Lift the spoon
To your mouth
She becomes you

— June 24, 1988

Pretty bad stuff, but some glimmers of talent in there. Small well-camouflaged glimmers. For those of you who don’t know, I ended up getting a degree in writing the stuff.

Bad poetry. I share, because I care.

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