Thursday, February 13, 2003

The Island of Unwanted Mugs
Just think about all the crappy mugs you’ve received in a lifetime. You probably have them from various jobs or charities or unimaginative secret Santa presents. You probably have one favourite, maybe two. The rest go to Goodwill or the Sally Ann after a feeble attempt to dispose of them at a garage sale.

What happens to all of the unwanted mugs? It’s kind of the same way with t-shirts, but you can always use unwanted ones for painting or rags. Mugs is mugs. And then there was the trend in the 70s of mugs with sayings on them, like Teachers Do It With Class.

Somewhere, they sit alone and crying. Wondering why no one loves them. Cursing their trailer trash epithets.

Take pity. Hug a mug today.

Duct Tape Forever
The States has recommended that citizens buy duct tape to protect themselves from biological weapons.

Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

About the War
I have to say that I think Canada’s move to send troops to Afghanistan is bloody brilliant. Afghanistan needs help and we don’t have anyone left to send to Iraq. But we’re not thumbing our nose at the US by doing this, so our imports of Buffalo Wings and bad TV won’t be cut off.

What's Playing in My Head: Surburbia by The Pet Shop Boys

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