Friday, February 07, 2003

Naughty or Ice?

So many good ideas! I think everyone should get a prize.
Best overall idea (despite logistical problems): Chip for “Fireplace” and “Spa”
Best executable idea: Boomer for “Sex” (not that this idea had never occurred to me)
Best attempt at bribing the judge: Stacey for offering her fireplace and sending me an e-card to cheer me up
Most eloquently written idea: Dear Friend Dave® whose suggestion must be read to be appreciated.

Here’s what I am going to do in reality:
I am making one of my best dishes (beef tenderloin with port shallot sauce). I’ll get Frank to put Colin to bed. Meanwhile I’ll set up an impromptu bistro in a space in my basement (finished, don’t worry.) I’ll have a little table for two and white mini lights and a candles. We’re got wireless speakers, so I can set those up downstairs. When Frank comes down, I’ll ask him if he has reservations, then escort him to “Souterrain”. If Colin were older, he could wait tables and be the sommelier. I’ll make menus and other little touches. Any other suggestions (besides Boomer’s, which has been duly noted) are welcome.

Prizes will be delivered personally (except Chip’s which will have to be mailed, if he tells me where he lives.) The Susan’s Desk Prize Basket will be reserved for another future contest.

Thanks for playing! (And Dave, the cooking part will hopefully inspire the book part).

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