Thursday, February 20, 2003

“Oh say does that star spangled t-shirt yet linger
In the back on a rack, oh so lonely and brave.”

So I was down at the Eaton’s Centre this lunch looking to pick up more “Bear in the Big Blue House” videos before I go crackers. I was looking at a sale rack in a clothing store and noticed that all of the items with American flags on them (which was very trendy after 9/11) were marked down to $10 – super cheap. “Well, that’s just silly,” I thought. Then, I saw one I liked. But I just couldn’t wear something with the American flag on it. I considered crossing the flag out, but that political statement would cause people to talk to me and I hate that.

What’s Playing in My Head: I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie. No, really, I didn’t just make that up to go with the theme.

Oh, and I thought of someone to be me in my bio movie: Cyndi Lauper. Just because she’s so cute and dresses so nifty.

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