Monday, February 26, 2007

Testing, 1-2-3...Is this thing on?
Sorry for the slow posting. The blogto thing has been keeping me busy (my first restaurant review, Tuesday! Which might be today, depending on when you're reading this!) and I've been blue lately. Really blue. Possibly even indigo. Even though things are really going pretty well for me. Except for doing the work of 2 and a half people at work, but at least I'm not being laid off. Probably some sort of pinot noir deficiency. Fresh and I are planning on a getaway this weekend with food and wine and a jacuzzi,. Self-medicating. Anyhow, one of the few things that makes me smile these days is zefrank. Especially this. Enjoy responsibly, at home or with the headphones on. Safe for work, but singing involved.

Also, one of my favourites of all time: Steven Banks. Start with Home Entertainment Centre #1 and work your way through (the order matters, there is SOME plot.) Bloody brilliant. Again: singing involved.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Breaking News

I've been busy, possums!

Instead of my beloved Cheapspot TO, I will now be blogging for

Saturdays (starting tomorrow) I will pontificate on Cheap Stuff. Tuesdays, I will explore Cheap Eats.

Got a tip for me? E-mail me at

So far it's been lots of fun. And I've even got a bio on the About page now.

In other news, Ice Prince is sick today. "I need to be abstinent from school today, Mommy!"

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


New Cheapspot TO.

New hair.

New battery in my mp3 player.

Some old freezing bloody cold. Come back, Spring! All is forgiven!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Cheapspot TO post!

And thanks to Jamie for the shout out.
Takes After His Mum, He Does
Ice Prince had to sit on the bench during gym today because he couldn’t find one shoe. I expressed dismay.

“It’s okay, Mommy! You get to watch people do the hard sit ups and when they have to run in circles, you get to wave at them like this (IP demonstrates smug smile and the Queen’s wave).

The shoe magically appeared when gym was over.

I suspect a letter home any day now.

New Cheapspot coming soon! Delayed by purchase of cheap digital camera batteries which died almost immediately. My bad.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Fellowship of the Phoenix
So Ice Prince is big into Harry Potter these days. I was watching Lord of the Rings the other night and holy cow! It’s the same thing!

Harry = Frodo
Ron = Sam
Merry and Pippin = Fred and George Weasley
Aragorn = Sirius
Gimli = Hagrid
Legolas = Hermione
Dumbledore = Gandalf
Voldemort = Sauron
Wormtail = Wormtongue
Invisibility cloak = ring
Dobby = Gollum
Whomping Willow = Treebeard

Etc Etc Etc

We could also compare to Star Wars, with Harry as luke, Ron as Hans and Hermione as Leia.


Now on Cheapspot TO: Part One of "Valentines Day for the Romantic yet Parsimonious"!

Friday, February 02, 2007

More of Me To Love
For now, I'll be doing a lot of posting at Cheapspot TO (, my new consumer blog for real people who don't spend $300 on a pair of jeans. Lots of content so far and I'm really enjoying it. I fixed the commenting on it too, although it's more of a website than a blog.

Go! Enjoy! And tell a friend!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New From The Makers Of Ice Queen!
I subscribe to the Sweetspot newsletter. I read some of their site and liked it and asked to be put on their mailing list.

Since then, I have been receiving e-mails about $525 purses (sorry “leopard skin pony bag”), $179 foot massagers and how about this:

“Edgy Jewelry's flawless stones boast precision cuts and D colour - the cream of the crop. A two-carat shiner is a mere US$360 (allowing us spending room to dream of exotic honeymoon locations), and a tennis bracelet is less than US$600 (and says happy birthday to us!).

With accessible sticker value so close at hand, the words "I do" and "I definitely do for me" sound better than ever before.”

Accessible, my ass!

That’s why I’m starting up Cheapspot TO. The site for people who have no money, but still like to buy stuff.

Maybe I am cheap!

Douglas Adams was right about giant currency . Marie Curie " I have no dress except the one I wear every day. If you are going to...