Monday, April 30, 2007

Where Am I Going and What Am I Doing in This Handbasket?

First of all, thanks to Boomer for buying me lunch on Thursday. I got all flustered and panicky and forgot to say thanks.

So our taxes are done, the sun is out and the frogs are active. Yes, I have frogs. They are in a tank right next to where I sit in the living room. African Dwarf Frogs, which are entirely aquatic and adorable. Pictures to follow. I also have a Siamese fighting fish on the mantel now (Mr. Grumpy) and some fish in the kitchen nook. My therapist says "Starting a relaxing hobby is great, but should you be getting involved with things that die easily?" When the first frog died, I was devestated, but I got more frogs and it's better now. When it's harder to tell them apart and they're all named "Froggy", it's easier.

What else? I got a bike tune-up and a basket. I got some beads and jewlery making supplies (a hobby that doesn't involve death or worms - nice). Ice Prince is doing well in school. He's been made a Prefect. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. Oh, maybe that's a bad analogy. Anyhow...

Frank had his birthday last week, so it's been one year since Frankstock. Wow. Suzapalooza is coming in about 18 months. Not sure what it will involve, but it ill be grand.

My hair is brown. Ish.

Frank took me for a really nice dinner out to Opal Jazz lounge. He totally surprised me. I love surprises!

I have a nice spring wardrobe of sundresses and such. Being on leave from work, I realized how little I had in the way of "casual" clothes. And in case you're wondering, yes I still wear nylons at home. I'm wearing some right now, but they're flesh coloured. That's casual for me.

Things are getting better, but I'm still not great in public. So hang in there and I will be back and socializing and lovely. Hey, this is my first real blog post, so kudos to me!

Thanks to everyone for their comments and e-mails. They mean a lot to me.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Accentuate the positive, medicate the negative
Dear friends,
I have been diagnosed with depression and I am on leave from work for several weeks.

It's rough, but it will get better. Bear with me and thanks. I'll probably begin to blog more again when I'm up to it. I certainly don't want to bore you with tales of my journey through the forest of darkness.

Oh, and rent Bon Cop, Bad Cop. It's a great movie.

Douglas Adams was right about giant currency . Marie Curie " I have no dress except the one I wear every day. If you are going to...