Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Amazing Kay Anderson, Your Friend!

Found her on Kijiji. This woman is so multi-talented, she will rid you of snakes, perform for your children, buy your house, pick up your dog poop and count your inventory. All with NO SMOKE BREAKS (during job)! Here are some exerpts from her ads, seriously, must be read to be appreciated:

End Snakes RULE! I will STOP them bothering You! Snake Guards! Safe for Children, Pets, keeps out snails and skunks, limits snakes so they leave on their own.. and will put money in my pocket and hair on your chest.. or something like that

Dressed as Woodesey the Elf: MAGIC! Show with Live Bunny!  Kids enjoy helping work the Magic with FREE Candy Magic Shaker Wands!  No Dangerous Blades, Fires, etc.  Things like Here & Gone! Wet & Dry! Shrinking! & more Kids get to have fun.. eating potatoe chips

SNAKE PROOF Your BASEMENT & Yard! No More LEAKY Basements! NEW Construction System keeps out rats, snakes, mice, ants and insects from entering basement levels (with windows closed).Serious inquiries only.. cash in hand.  $30,000 plus hst.  Added fees apply if snakes in basement already.  Installation time approximately 3-4 weeks conditional on city inspections.
ALL Types Wallpaper SALE! Just $28/hr! Plus Supplies
RACCOON REPELLANT Applied for You $50 plus HST
SAVE $100 On Your Next Accurate COUNT! Use OUR InventoryServices
  • Healthy!  Drug Free!  (& Non-smoking at least on shift!) No Smoke Breaks needed! Cooperative!  Willing to wear Gloves, Hair Nets, whatever!

  • Accomodating!  Kind and Polite!  Will make needed changes without complaint!

  • Exterior Cement or Wood STAIR REPAIRS! No More Falling Apart!
    Full Spectrum Fungicide - Algaecide our OWN mixture
    Leaf Cleeaning
    House Cleaning
    Creative Tutoring! by K Anderson Just $25 for a 1st Session! 
  • Teaching Techniques that foster INDEPENDANT Learning and Love of Finding TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, and EXPLORING the WONDERS and MYSTERIES of The World are basic to my services.

  • BIRKS! Porcelain 3 Angel Set OCCUPIED JAPAN suspected!

    Still in the BIRKS Box with Original Wrapping.. this set of 3 Porcelain Angel Figurines compete with Llandro and other FINE Porcelain Figurines.   Each has the BIRKS Sticker on the bottom and is stamped "JAPAN". Waiting for BIRKS to get back with the documented info.. could be old enough to be Occupied Japan.. ?  I doubt it but they will check for me.  Just too new looking for that.. however.. we'll see what BIRKS say in writing!  Meanwhile.. get it NOW for just the $125 plus HST!
    Doggie Clean Up Services.. just $20 a Visit! Made in Canada ONLY Plastic Bags a bit larger than the pestilence carrying made in chine ones, filled to the tie. Before and After Photos of Totally BALD Yards from neighbors and family dogs..
    HOUSE to Assume Payments Will Pay Seller $4,400 & RE

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