Friday, February 07, 2003

I like Steve Burns.

Steve used to be the host of Blues Clues, but he’s a really cool guy in his own right. His website rocks. He’s now trying to get a deal for an album he made with The Flaming Lips. I downloaded a clip (Mighty Little Man) and I liked it! Then I thought, until Steve’s album come out, maybe I should get Flaming Lips. And I want the soundtrack to Hair.

So I go into the used CD store:
Clerk: “Can I help you?”
IQ: “Do you have Flaming Lips?”
Clerk: “Errr…, but I had a piercing there once that got infected”
IQ: “Ok, do you have Hair?”
Clerk, rubbing his bald pate: “Hey, now that’s just rude.”

Steve also has much to say on the subject of squirrels, but fails to say where they live.

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