Thursday, February 27, 2003

Tramps Like Us

As you may have noticed, Blogger is erasing the penultimate posts. Until that gets fixed, I’ll try to provide one value sized post to last you all day. Kinda like Big Red gum.

The Desk Move
Yep, I’m cleaning out ye olde desk today and moving one desk over. Some interesting things I’ve found in my desk:
Flip flops with big yellow silk flowers
Two bathing suits
5 pairs of shoes
Two pairs of boots
Two purses
Corn chip
Twelve cinnamon sticks
Container of cloves
Canadian Tire Money
Boggle game
Squirt gun
Mechanical bug
Yo Yo strings
Wallace and Grommit jigsaw puzzle
Articles I tore out about Dear Friend Dave®
3 containers of hair gel
assorted Kinder Egg prizes
and……The Stress Bag

The Stress Bag
The Stress Bag brings back happy and not so happy memories. I used to work at Sources (a miniscule publishing company) with Sister Staceypatrick and other degenerates. My title there was She Who Must Be Obeyed. Or, that’s what I was called, anyway. I had a whip and everything. It was the sort of job that was so stressful that we used to do really fun things to blow off steam, such as:
Packing up the contents of the General Manager’s Desk and UPS-ing it to his house the morning he got back from vacation
Three hour beer lunches
Changing everyone’s desktop icons to Minesweeper
Someone emptying my desk contents and filling them with Styrofoam peanuts
Glamour Puss Day, when we all wore cocktail dresses

Anyhow, when I left the job, a colleague gave me a red felt bag tied with a red ribbon that was filled with strange toys and things from his childhood. He told me that it was my stress bag. I was so touched (no, not that way!) that I carry it from job to job to this day.

What’s Playing in My Head: Born to Run by Springsteen?! Where did that come from?

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