Thursday, November 03, 2011

Here's a poem I wrote my Mom for her birthday yesterday. Maybe you will like it.

No. 2

this was a poem
about sparrows
fat and mud brown
puffy pinatas
full of bird seed and stuffing
stuffed with it

a poem about
dust battles and dry leaves
and commotion
about brown & grey
and candy wrappers
and crumb battles
and a day the colour
of gravy
of pencil lead
of November

but the sun crept into this poem
licking between the lines
slinking along the ligatures
soft on padded feet
bright and silent
as an e

the sparrows
like fleeing punctuation
rose and dotted the sky
all pauses and exclamation

now this is a poem about
a warm patch of sun curled with yellow yawns around the day

and dreams with wings

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