Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the immortal words of Mick Jagger: "I know It's only Cooking School but I like it!"

So I have spent two days at my new job and so far I love it and think it will be awesome.

For those who are still catching up, I sold the cafe and I am now running a cooking school at a big grocery store.

I'm off work today because I have to go in Saturday to observe three birthday parties and to meet some of my staff.  But I will be busy today because I have to choose and book more than 50 classes. About 35 of them are kid's classes which I will probably teach myself, but the adult classes are run by other chefs. These chefs submit their class ideas and this Friday all of the Toronto cooking schools meet to pick chefs and times for the next six months. It's like the NHL draft and I hear it can get competitive, so I have to make sure I have choices and back ups prioritized.

Best part of new job: learning new recipes and techniques, flex time (sort of), variety, my own office with floor to ceiling windows (not in a traditional sense but I like it)

Worst part of new job: pants. Seriously, I had to go buy a pair. Dress code.

VIDEO BONUS: This kid is my inspiration: the wind beneath my wings!

Monday, May 02, 2011


NOTE PHOTO: Full Disclosure!  You don't often get that from a candidate!
  • He is a cat of colour (black*)
  • He is transgendered (fixed)
  • He has successfully run his own pest control business since 1999
  • He was born in the riding. His father was in retail (a variety store cat) and his mom was a stay-at-home mom.
  • He is a strong advocate of change, especially when his litter has that not so fresh feeling
  • He has 80 human years of experience 
  • He is not into party politics. If we have a party, he prefers to hide under the bed. 
  • He does not impose doctrine on anyone. Leo has no love for doctorin’, especially if it means getting poked with needles or having thermometers stuck up his behind.
  • He is not dogmatic. Occasionally catatonic.
  • Has only used catnip medicinally.
  • Won't slash any funding. He's declawed.
* Okay, he's not totally black.  He looks black, but as you can see from the picture, he seems to have a white under layer.  We believe he is a Smoke Cat, which is a rare fur colour mutation.  We are also unable to produce his birth certificate, but swear he was not born in Kenya.  He has also never had a massage; he hates having his belly touched.