Monday, February 03, 2003

Great name, but the fun stops there
Frank and I went to go to our favourite pool and jazz place on Thursday, but it’s gone! (Don’t bother asking what it was called, ‘cause it’s gone. You can’t go there anyway.)

So we went to the Shag Lounge (Church and Maitland-ish).
1. Art.
2. Free wine. (see 1, guess it was a “show”)
3. Pool table
4. Music

1. Bad art
2. Bad wine (yes, there is such a thing.) I should’ve had a pint.
3. Bad coin-op pool table that would cough out fewer balls with each game you played. By game 3, we were using the purple ball as the black and the red ball as the white.
4. Bad house-y music.
5. Lots and lots of smoke!

All I want are comfy couches, flattering lighting, good wine, Keith's, good music (pref a CD jukebox so I can pick it myself or a band - blues, jazz), smokeless or well ventilated, and tables that don't eat your balls (get your mind out of the gutter). Do I ask too much? What do you look for in a lounge?

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