Friday, March 21, 2003

Spice Girl OR She'll Be Cumin 'Round the Mountain
Went to store at lunch time. Bought cumin as ingredient for dinner for Sister Staceypatrick and Father Patrick O’Stacey tomorrow.

I didn’t make it halfway back to the office before I had to throw it out. The fumes were giving me Post Traumatic Hangover syndrome. Egg Nog does the same thing now. Sister S was an accomplice in both these and more so she knows of whence I speak.

Hey, here’s a diet: Make sure you get terribly drunk eating your most favourite fattening foods. You’ll never want to eat them again. Or work there. Laura Secord chocloates--ick!

Ugh, I can still smell the cumin on my hands. Out, out damn spice!

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