Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Freezin’ Me Sporran Off!

I am tired of boots and mitts and coats. And I want to wear my cuter spring hats. And I decided: it’s all my ancestors fault.

Why did they move from Scotland to Canada? Why didn’t they move somewhere temperate like Greece? I imagine Scotland to be cold, but according to the Weather Network it’s a lovely 11 there today. What were they thinking?

Well, why don’t I just move someplace warm? What do I like about Canada?

I like the socialized health care. I like public transportation. I like the fact that our helicopters are useless. What other countries are like that? Mainly Scandinavian ones. Which are cold. (a balmy -2 in Sweden today).

May as well just say here. It could be worse. We could live in Ottawa.

Maybe Souterrain needs to open up a pool side patio lounge…….

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