Friday, March 14, 2003

Give It The Ol’ Cottage Try

So yesterday I told Boomer that I rented a cottage for a week in June. He said that I didn’t seem “The cottage type.” I thought this was kind of odd, but then I remembered the last time I mentioned renting a cottage, Crabby said “You are the only person I know who builds a cottage wardrobe.” (Um, doesn’t everyone?)

So, do you really think I don’t have the Right Stuff for a cottage? Colin and I once went camping in a tent trailer with my parents and my “brother” for a week in Quebec. Colin was only six months old. He had his diaper changed everywhere. And we used to buy giant coffees at Tim Horton’s to warm his bottles in. Which may explain why he’s so hyper. But I digress.

This conversation was the same conversation in which Boomer said someone in TV with puke in her hair reminded him of me.

Sometimes I worry about the image I’m projecting.

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