Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I won a contest!

No, really! The “Scott Paper Towels: Real Wine Stories Contest”. I saw it in Food and Drink magazine. You had to tell a messy wine story.

I told about the time on my 30th birthday when a can-can line broke out during ABBA’s Waterloo and a full glass of red wine was kicked over onto the white carpet and the guests proceeded to clean it up with the blue paper napkins, which promptly created a lovely marbled effect.

I won a weekend getaway to Niagara on the Lake, 2 nights accommodation in an inn, dinner, $400 in spa services, a winery tour and tickets for 2 to the Shaw festival!

And yes, I’m taking Funky Fresh Frank (who DJ’d that night), so although I am grateful to the other guests who helped create the legend, you’ll just have to hear about it. Maybe I’ll bring you back some Ice wine.

I’m so thrilled! Now I have to go check what’s on at the Shaw. Hope there’s some Chekhov, but it’s probably Shaw.

Fun Fact: The monologue that got me into York U’s theatre program was from Major Barbara, by George Bernard Shaw.

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