Thursday, March 13, 2003

English, or something close to it

So, I haven't spoken much about the Ice Prince lately. We’ve been working on some House Rules.

My Rules
No colouring on the walls.
No colouring on the table.
No smacking the cat.
No throwing kitty litter.
No throwing crayons.
No putting tortellini in your milk.

Colin has spontaneously added some, which are very sound and show good judgement.

Colin’s Rules
“No bite Mommy.”
“No eat Mommy’s hair.”
“No sitty the floor of the bus.”
“No coloury the window.”
“No poury the milk on the head.”
“No putty the xylobone on the stove.”

What a well behaved child. Unfortunately, he usually makes these announcements AFTER he has made the transgression.

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