Thursday, March 27, 2003

Operation Grab Your Ankles and Prepare for Our Victor.

Victor is my brand new Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon. He will have the honour of taking out a minimum of one and a maximum of four of my wisdom teeth.

One is, indeed, coming in. “Ooooo…..and it’s messy,” says my dentist, the good Dr. Feldman who asked if I felt a sudden surge of wisdom (cue cymbal smash here.) I am supposed to rinse with hydrogen peroxide and water until the surgery. And I can go blonde and whiten my teeth at the same time!

I have my x-rays and I had to open them and look at them. They are so cool! If you’re in the neighbourhood of my cubicle, come see!

As for the surgery: “The healing process is usually more of an ordeal for "older" people than "younger" persons. Studies have shown that complications related to the extraction of wisdom teeth increase significantly as patients passes into their mid to late 20's.”

Grrrr…….I’m going to go feel sorry for myself now. In lieu of flowers…well, actually flowers are good. I like flowers.

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