Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Omigod, he is sooooooooo cute!
Link of the Day If you can, have the volume on for this. The voices make it. Really, it's very sweet. And safe for work!

Ah, it brings back so many memories. I had a diary in Grade 8 & 9. I was so worried that someone would find it and embarrass me that I wrapped it in several layers of plastic bags before I hid it under some food garbage headed for the dump. Then, to make sure no one could ever read it if they did find it, I threw the key out about 50 miles away at the Brigden Fair. I remember looking around to make sure no one saw me do it.

What the hell was I thinking? Would anyone care about my crushes? Well, I did have one or two a week. That seems kind of unnatural now….

Oh, embarrassing story: One guy I had a crush on told me he’d drop me if I didn’t stop doing something (I can’t remember what.) My warped Grade 8 logic thought : “Well, he can’t drop me if we’re not going out together, so I guess we are!” I was sorely unfamiliar with 13 year old boy slang.

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