Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Things I Learned On My Summer Vacation
10. Ten days with a toddler is NOT a vacation.
9. Walking on the beach barefoot eliminates the need for foot scrub part of a pedicure. Baby soft!
8. A diaper expands to 33% of the actual weight of the toddler wearing it when submerged in water.
7. If you get your hubby to watch your toddler for a few hours, it will be on the day that all the stores in town are closed.
6. I have a ponytail!
5. Grocery stores in cottage country do not carry light whipping cream or light Havarti. They do carry an amazing array of bug repellant.
4. Flies bite.
3. Things hung on a laundry line in cottage country will never really dry.
2. A 400 lb man CAN drive a tiny Kawasaki, even though it looks like something out of Barnum & Bailey.
1. I want a car.

What’s Playing in my Head: “Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now…..”

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