Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I'm sitting at home eating blueberry toaster waffles and drinking a caffeine free Diet Coke.

Turns out that the Hangover That Would Not Die is quite possible the flu, or something like it. I'm not sure whether I'm relieved or not.

I want to go lie down, but have one last office thing to edit before I can do so guilt-free.

I'm currently downloading the Ataris' Boys of Summer to get me through the final stretch before nap time.

Reader Uncie Herb has decided that Ice Queen should write a column for Fab Magazine. How about it? So your job for today while I quietly die is to pick your most memorable IQ blog post. Naturally I need to present a portfolio of what I can do.

I'm looking forward to the free theatre tickets, the product placements, the boat launchings, the run for office and the inevitable lunch with Jan Wong as befit a local celebrity.

What do you think? Am I fabulous enough? Of course I am!

My download's done. Ah, heaven!

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