Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Killer Queen—Barenaked

Sigh. Feeling down today.

I'd rather be Freddie Mercury. I don't mean dead, I mean wearing a flamboyant outfit and being the centre of attention.

I really should be doing something better and more interesting with my life. Like starting my own business or moving to Newfoundland. Something!

What's Playing In My Head: "I wake up scared, I wake up strange, I wake up wondering of anything in my life is ever going to change, I wake up scared, I wake up strange and everything around me stays the same...."

What's Playing in My Head Now: "I can get a job I can pay the phone bill I can cut my hair, cut the lawn cut out my cholesterol, I can work overtime I can work in a mine I can do it all for you...but I don't want to."

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