Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Promotional Rescue
So Fresh is going to the Stones concert. He’s going to be in a VIP tent with his boss, meeting the U.S. ambassador and the premiers and the like. So he’ll probably come home with a picture of him and Mick, whilst I sit at home with Ho Lee Chow and my remote watching it on City TV. Actually, that sounds pretty good right about now. With a blankie. Mmmmmm……

Fresh has invited all sorts of people over for dinner during the month of August including his boss, his sister, Irshad Manji, a couple who want to start a winery with us and his friend Martin. Not all at the same time. Now THAT would be an interesting party I don’t mind the cooking – I just mind the cleaning. Actually, if he invites Charlie Watts for dinner, I wouldn’t half mind that. Maybe he’d play us a little jazz…

Hey, did you see the picture of Chip? Looks just like I thought.

Too sick to be amusing. Talk amongst yourselves.

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