Friday, June 20, 2003

It would be so nice.…if we took a holiday…oh yeah…oh yeah…
So, as you know the Ice Queen is going off to the cottage for a week. Not a cabin, a cottage. Very civilized.

I have cute little outfits, I have shades, I have a rented car (a Nissan Nibbler), and today’s payday. Life is fine. My goal this week is to learn to make great lemonade.

Although I fear I may introduce you to something you like better, check out Sugarmama . I think I’ve found a kindred spirit. WARNING: Naked dogs and a dress I wish to purchase. Safe for work, ‘tho.

You may also enjoy RatherGood. Download all the Kitten Band songs and enjoy. The music is great! It’s time consuming, but worth the drive to Acton. “Gay Bar” and “Northern” are my favs. Hey, at work, it’s almost instant downloading! Cool! But loud. Shhhhhhhhhhhh………… quiet, kittens!

Okay, now everyone’s staring at me.

So, I’ll be back on July 2nd, although you may hear from me before hand if it pours rain all week and the library has High Speed. But doubtful.

Oh, and next Sunday is my 12th Wedding Anniversary. The traditional gifts for a 12th Wedding Anniversary are Silk and Linen. Cool. So keep those tea towels coming.

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