Thursday, July 03, 2003

Band on the Run
If you had a band, what would you name it?

My band post-university was Nato and the Warsaw Pact. Okay, that was just our name to put on Karaoke slips when they started recognizing our names.

My band now would be called Thundershorts.

If I had a tribute band, it would be for Queen and I’d probably call it Fat Bottomed Girls.

Or, I could do a Phil Collins Tribute and call it Sue Sue Sue-dio.

Little Known Fact: In high school, I wanted to be an opera singer. Then I decided I wanted to do musical comedy. I wanted to be on Broadway! Now I watch children’s shows done as stage shows (on video) and think it would be kind of fun to be one of the back up singers and dancers. As for the boredom factor, I’ve already seen each of those videos hundreds of times and they’re still bearable.

There are two men and two women in one. I thought “I wonder if they date? I mean, what if they have tumultuous relationships and then have to hold hands and sing to a neon green lemur every night?” I think it’s a great idea for a novel.

And am I the only one who still gets misty about the St. Elmo’s Fire theme?

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