Friday, July 11, 2003

My Perfect Day

8:00 am. Ice Prince wakes up. Fresh gets up with him
9:00 am The smell of coffee wakes me up. I go downstairs. Ice Prince hugs me and goes off to play with Lego, chattering away.
9:30 am Fresh makes me a hard boiled egg on a toasted poppyseed bagel
10:00 am Go get dressed. Skirt’s a bit big. Fresh says, “Why don’t you go shopping? I’ll watch Ice Prince.”
10:30 am Shopping. Everything’s 75% off and there are no crowds or eager salespeople.
12:00 pm Dim Sum with Crabby and Sister. Table by the kitchen door. Buy kimono.
1:30 pm Home. Lie in grass with Ice Prince and look at airplanes going by. Sniff flowers. We fall asleep together, with his chubby little arm draped over me.
3:30 pm Wake up. Feed Ice Prince a Popsicle. Play music. Dance. Pet the cats. Clip flowers for vases.
4:30pm My parents arrive, take Ice Prince to the playground.
6:00 pm Feed Ice Prince supper. He eats his vegetables.
6:30 pm My mom gives Ice Prince a bath. I get dressed. My hair has grown four inches.
7:00 pm We put Ice Prince to bed.
7:30 pm Taxi arrives. I wear heels and they don’t pinch my feet at all. Fresh and I go out for dinner to celebrate his fabulous new job and my promotion, then live jazz (maybe Whitney Smith's band), then stay overnight downtown at a hotel.
The rest is censored. Sorry.

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