Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Of children..or the lack thereof

1. The Good Doctor Hibbert has given me an appointment to arrange to get my tubes tied. Hurrah! He suggested an alternative – Depo-Provera injections, but told me that it would cause me to gain ten pounds. To hell with that!
2. I have a lead on what looks to be a great babysitter. She volunteers at daycare centres, she works at the St. Jamestown Youth centre for the summer, and she starts her Early Childhood Education diploma in the fall. But will the Ice Prince like her? We meet her this weekend. Cross whatever appendages you feel are appropriate.
3. Ice Prince is going bowling tomorrow with his class. Yep. They’re even renting bowling shoes. Can you imagine 20 two and three years old running around a bowling alley? These people really don’t get paid enough.

90s nostalgia
Chip mentioned that his (long suffering) girlfriend Pixi-Stix likes 80s music. Which got me thinking…when will people start getting nostalgic about the 90s? What do you miss about the 90s? I miss:
My metabolism
T-shirts under sundresses
Body suits
Red Dog beer advertising
My car
Psychokitty being a kitten
Spice Girl Bubble Gum that came with Tattoos
Other than that...my mind’s a blank. I don’t miss Kurt Cobain – I prefer Foo Fighters anyway. I liked early Oasis. I don’t miss the grunge fashion.

Ice Queen's Movie Pick: Forgotten Classic: Last Night with Don McKellar, Callum Keith Rennie and lots of other Canadian "stars". Weird and wonderful. I love Callum's kitchen decor.

Chip’s Running Blog Score: 3 1/2 posts out of 5. Four days left to restore his link. Quality rating: Medium. I agree with Crabby that posts about reinstating his link don't really count. Some may say I'm mean, but I'm the Queen, and it's good to be Queen.

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