Thursday, July 17, 2003

Sign, sign everywhere a sign
Feeling better today. I had three signs today:
Macintosh toffee box on the bus: Sign that my dear departed Nana is thinking of me
Apt building on my bus route with big message scrawled in chalk: "HI SUE!"
Two of clubs in subway station: not sure what it means. Guesses? I'll feel better if I go dancing at two clubs?

Currently writing irreverent invite to department BBQ that will probably get vetoed. That always cheers me up. It's to the tune of California Girls talking about all the different locations of our department. "The people at 120 really make you feel alright...."

Ice Prince's Footprint of the Day
Big black sneaker tread, front and centre on my beige power suit skirt. Have to buy new outfit at lunchtime for afternoon meeting and take skirt to cleaner's. So sad, NOT!

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