Monday, July 14, 2003're as cold as ice...
We interviewed the prospective babysitter on Saturday. Ice Prince took to her immediately, tried to share all his toys, hugged her and sobbed when she left. She has a tongue piercing, spiky red hair and is very polite. I like her immensely. Now I have to phone her references. I hate that part.

As for me ignoring the Blambman in Yorkville, you can now see where my name Ice Queen came from. People think I’m ignoring them, whereas I’m really just deep deep in thought. No, really! Mr. Crabby phoned once during dinner and I was very mean to him because I thought he was a telemarketer. Well, he did start off saying “Hello. How are you this evening?” and then proceeded to tell me about a wonderful opportunity. What was I to think? Have you ever been iced by the Ice Queen? My Mat Leave replacement said she was scared to death of me when she started. I turned to another colleague (Beco) and said “You were never scared of me, were you?” Silence.

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