Tuesday, July 22, 2003

What can I say? The babysitter is absolute perfection and Ice Prince adores her.

Getting Nailed

I’m getting nails put on at lunch. I adore nails and I miss them. (Yes, Chip, I currently have nails, but they’re short.) I’m going to get polish to match my new pink purse with the roses on it that I bought in Kensington Market on Sunday. I love OPI nail polishes. They have the best names and are often named after geographic locations or cultures (the NY collection was my fave), like:
I’m Not Really a Waitress
Yucatan If U Want
Chick Flick Cherry
Kimono’ver Here
Soho Nice to Meet You
Marooned on the Subway
Grand Central Carnation

So…..if OPI came out with a line of Toronto nail polish colours, what would they be called?
Buff in the Bluffs (a pale tan colour)
Queen’s Pink
Ride the Rocket Red
Rosedale Rose
Orange You Glad Mel’s Retiring?
Hanlan’s Point (nude)
North York State of Wine
Island Ferry Berry

Huh……gotta get back to work. Your turn!

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