Thursday, July 24, 2003

But I Drifted.

Tomorrow we head out for our fabulous all-expense (mostly) paid trip to Niagara on the Lake! V. happy and looking forward to food, wine, spa and sleeping in.

To childless people, sleeping in is something moms don’t do. “Let Fresh take him in the mornings, “ they say. Well, that doesn’t work, because my Mom Sense (like a Spidey Sense) wakes me bolt out of bed the minute I hear a peep from him.

I have nothing to say that compares to the sheer joy of getting away. So no fun and games at the moment. I’m going to write up some rules to leave with my parents regarding Ice Prince such as “He’s not allowed to eat anything that’s bigger than his head.” Any other suggestions?

What's Playing in My Head: The Theme from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart which, I heard, was written by They Might Be Giants

Today's Hair Colour: French Roast: Deep Bronzed Brown. Not bad. A bit dark, but makes me look like Snow White.

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