Friday, January 24, 2003

You are my Candy Girl and you've got me wanting you

I bought some Cracker Jack recently. When I was a kid they had real prizes in them. Now they have some cheapo paper thing like a sticker. And not as many peanuts either.

Remember Pink Elephant Popcorn? That was so good. I’m pretty sure it had a prize too.

When I was a kid (like 5 maybe) we lived in the country and there was no garbage pick up. Saturday was “Dump Day” when Dad and I would head off to the dump. What allure did the dump hold for me? There was a General Store at the end of the road that sold penny candy. I used to get those collector stickers that made fun of products – Crest toothpaste became “Crust”. And Bottlecaps – root beer flavour was the best. It’s pretty depressing to go into retro/nostalgia stores and see those. Speaking of nostalgia, I’m making Rice Krispie Squares tonight.

And Popsicles used to come in more flavours – like lime. Which reminds me, I had an idea that they should market adult flavoured Popsicles. No, I don’t mean there’d be a “hunk sweat” popsicle, I mean a margherita flavour or pina colada or strawberry daquiri.

I’m so bloody brilliant. Why am I wasting away here at a Bank?

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