Friday, January 17, 2003

Regrets…I’ve had a few

There are small regrets, like regretting the last glass of wine last night (which I don’t, it was lovely). I do regret thinking that the black jacket Colin threw down the basement stairs was probably just fine to wear to work today (as I pick off the cat fur and dust bundles).

I regret choosing a lunch place that’s a ten minute walk from the office for a going away party on a day that’s –30 c wind chill.

I don’t regret avoiding said wind chill by spending $14 to take Colin to day care in a taxi today. I do regret showing Colin how to work the window up/down button in the taxi. I think the taxi driver regrets this too.

More later or I’ll regret that I didn’t work harder at my job.

What’s Playing in My Head: Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong by the Spin Doctors

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