Wednesday, January 29, 2003

The best things in life are free
So give them to the birds and the bees

I need money (that's what I want)
That's what I want
That's what I want
That's what I want

The job interview went wonderfully. I was great. They loved my stuff. They can't afford me. The Executive Director said "Did you expect a Bank salary here?" I felt like saying "Well, the Bank was on my resume, so why did you invite me?" I just gave a Trudeau shrug and said "Hey, it was worth a shot!" The E.D. didn't speak to me after that, as if I'd wasted her time. Well, if you don't post the salary or ask for salary expectations, that's gonna happen, lady. I was quickly ushered out. I felt like they thought I was going to invoice them for my time. (Maybe I should.....buwahahahahahaha!) Still, it felt good to nail it and it's good practice. And I got new clothes and a new purse, so net gain there!

I realize that I'm coming across very greedy. I'm not really like that, honest. I certainly didn't marry for money (Frank was a full time student for 6 years after we married -- Master's, PhD stuff). And I don't buy expensive stuff. My last hat was $10 and my interview duds were all at least 50% off. And the Six Million Dollar Cat has to be paid for. Guess it's just what's on my mind right now. And I hear the mail coming through the slot downstairs and that's probably more bills. Sigh. Better go check it out.

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