Monday, January 20, 2003

The Ice Queen’s Lid: Love t or Lose It?

I have a job interview with Canadian Actor’s Equity next week.. My hair is currently auburn, which mainly looks good, but in the light can look a little fake and brassy.
Question of the Day: Do I dye it brown or leave it? I could go either way. Auburn can be a bit hard to match with clothes and make-up and I don’t always have time for timely touch ups.

And what’s with used condoms on the street? Who’s randy enough to roger in –29 degree (C) weather? Is the McDonald’s handicapped washroom too posh? Can’t afford the 59 cents to buy a hamburger and thus become a customer and be allowed to use the washroom?

What’s Playing in My Head:Con Te Partiro by Bocelli and Brightman. Thanks a lot, Neil.
Oh, hey, when I typed “Neil” the song changed to Harvest Moon. Sweet! I mean….that’s good.

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