Monday, January 13, 2003

I'm back and I have read "No Great Mischief".

I am a bad person. I didn't adore it.

Pros: Southwestern Ontario, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Gaelic, Colin, Glencoe
Cons: Colin getting killed three pages after he's introduced, unsympathetic main character who - although seemingly intelligent - lets himself get talked into anything. And no, I don't see "blood is thicker than water" as the motivation behind his behaviour.

I think it may be like "Field of Dreams". Guys love it, women think it's okay. The book deals a lot with father/son, grandpa/grandson, brother/brother relationships.

More book suggestions welcome. Person who suggests a book I most like wins a prize!

In other news, RIP Maurice Gibb. My first album ever was the white Bee Gees Greatest Hits. My second was Bat Out of Hell. We watched a Bees Gees concert on Much More Music last night and it was great. I liked Robin new 'do (weave?) - a very cool Roman cut. But Barry needs serious hair care. He's had that mane since 1975, at least. Maurice had a fedora on and it was working for him.

Favourite Bee Gees Song: Words
Ice Queen Predicts a New Trend: Tea. High quality loose leaf tea and all the cool little cups and pots that go with it.

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