Tuesday, January 21, 2003

R.I.P. Hat

Job interviews are a lot like dating for us married people.

“I wonder what they’re like. Will they like me? What should I wear? Would they like me to wear this? But I don’t want to wear that. I should be myself, right? Because they should like me for who I really am. I don’t want to put on an act for the rest of my life. Now let’s see, should I say ‘Thanks for inviting me in?’ No, too needy. ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ Yeah. And I should practice smiling. Can I sit in this skirt? Maybe if I suck my gut in and pull in down as I sit. Now – I’ll have to do something with my hair. And shoes! I don’t want to walk in wearing my boots, but if I wear my heels there, they’ll get I’ll snowy or I’ll slip and fall. I could wear my boots and change…but I’d have to hide them somewhere before we meet. Maybe a subway locker. Or I could wear really old boots and throw them out when I get there. Or I could take a cab. Maybe I should go buy some really nice new boots instead. Dressy boots. With a nice heel.”

I’m tired just thinking about it. Now I remember why I settled down

In other news, I lost my wonderful Dr. Seuss/Dr. Zhivago hat. I bought another which is warm and practical and no fun at all. I had a great plan for a website full of people wearing that hat – we already had 4 or 5 pictures for it. Maybe I’ll get another. But it just wouldn’t be the same. Lunch time, I’m looking for the new Holy Hat Grail. Fetchez la vache!

What’s playing in my head: Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. Way to go, head!
Frozen Extremities: Two, but currently thawing.

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