Thursday, January 23, 2003

Lunchtime Fun at the Eaton Centre

First stop is the Pretzel stand for a nutritious Cinnamon Pretzel (no butter, natch.).

Next stop is Toys, Toys, Toys to check for a new Bear in the Big Blue House video. The only one Colin has now it the potty training one, and we’re getting really sick of the funky Potty Song. Although the Potty Song has inspired Frank to come up with new Potty sngs including:
“You’ve got to fight for your right to potty” and
“I wanna rock ‘n’ roll all night and potty every day”
But no new Bear videos. Frank has probably spent the day coming up with new bastardized song lyrics. Hurrah!

Next stop Fairweather, my favourite clothing store. Tried on ten things, bought nothing.

And I found a beautiful white furry hat which I almost bought. Then I imagined it falling on the floor of the bus and getting trampled by Colin. Never mind.

So, I spent $2.70.

Oh! A woman in the subway (no, not a crazy woman) needed some assistance and asked if I speak Russian. I must look Russian! Wow. Is that the beautiful cool aloof Russian like Elton John’s Nikita, or maybe Raisa Gorbachov? Or is it the hopped up on vodka and living on bread and potatoes physique and weathered complexion of many a Russian peasant? No need to answer. let me keep my fantasy.

What's Playing in my Head: Nikita, of course!

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