Friday, January 24, 2003

Is $2.70 too much to pay for a high quality pretzel?

Hell, I’ll tell you what’s too much money. An $800 (estimated) vet bill to get my cat’s plumbing cleared out (I’ll spare you all the gories). And at what point do you say the procedure is too much to pay for? When the line of credit runs out? Who can put a price on their cat’s life? Leo’s only 3 years old – it’s not like we can say “Oh, well, he’s led a long happy life. Maybe it’s time to let him go.”

And he’s the one out of our two cats we actually like. Well, we like the other one, but in the way you like grumpy old relatives – more for sentimental reasons.

Can you imagine if we had to do that with people? In ways we do, when drug treatments aren’t covered. But this is too heavy a conversation for Friday.

I got an adorable new hat, so I’ll be restarting the photo montage of “People Wearing My Hat.” But I’ll need a better name for it. Suggestions welcome!

Anyhow, have to go work to pay for the cat. Cross your fingers for him – we’re waiting to see if he made it through the night.

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