Friday, January 24, 2003

Where do men keep their crap?

I’ve got a nice new purse, but I’ve put off using it because it means I’ll have to clean out the old one.

Let us go, dear reader, for a tour of my old purse:
1. Empty ABM deposit envelope
2. Receipt from Fairweather for Monday’s purchase
3. Receipt for new adorable hat
4. 5 cents Canadian Tire money
5. Receipt for last weekend’s groceries
6. Chequebook
7. Grocery list from last week
8. Two lipsticks: Crimson Joy and True Berries
9. Appointment Form for Colin’s Dr. appointment on Monday
10. Hard copy of online confirmation for Sutton Place Hotel – One Night
11. Tampon
12. Pen (don’t confuse with #11)
13. Two Hospital Cards for Colin
14. Colin’s OHIP card
15. Another pen
16. Frank’s wedding ring (see #10?)
17. Lots of change
18. assorted cards including bank cards, HBC card, credit card, health card, driver’s license, fitness club card
19. lots of ABM receipts
20. Two uncashed cheques ($20 and $10 respectively. Sweet! I mean, grand!)
21. Kleenex (appears to be clean)

I know men rarely have items 8 or 11, but how do they manage?

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