Friday, January 10, 2003

Today in the Icicle Fief, the Ice Queen chooses courses for her friends out of the uber-trashy Jan/Feb 2003 Learning Annex magazine.

Lisa: How to Start a Home-Based Business
Stace: Telepathic Communication With Animals
Fisher: How to Lose Your Foreign Accent - Open the Doors to Success (Hey, I'm not making these up. Can you believe this course exists?)
Boomer: How to Become a Special Event or Party Planner
Levicus Maximus: Speak Spanish Fluently in Just 1-3 Weeks!
Kate: How Not to Be a Starving Artist
Beco: Improve Your Vision Naturally Without Glasses, Contacts or Surgery
Dave: How to Write and Publish Children's Books
And for me? I'm torn between How to Start a Greeting Card Business and How to Open a Tea House. Whereas what I really need is Too Stressed? Too Tired? Get Energized!

And what about the people who teach these? Dolphin Healing? If you could teach a Learning Annex course, what would it be?

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