Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Russell Smith had a good article in The Globe and Mail's review section today (no link -- get off your lazy butt and buy a paper. Support Canadian publishing!). Basically he was wondering why we're all so happy and spend-crazy despite the stock market and the inevitable war.

Anyway, the best part was a poem he quoted by Leonard Cohen:

The Music Crept By Us

I would like to remind
the management
that the drinks are watered
and the hat-check girl
has syphilis
and the band is composed
of former SS monsters
However since it is
New Year's Eve
and I have lip cancer
I will place my
paper hat on my
concussion and dance.

Speaking of syphilis, I've already sent most of my friends this joke, but here it is again:

"Father Reilly," the Mother Superior reported, "I just thought
you should know that there's a case of syphilis in the convent."

"Oh good," the priest replied, "I was really getting tired of the

Wow, syphilis, lip cancer, religion, sex, concussions, politics. You just don't find this high quality content on any old blog.

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