Thursday, January 01, 2004

But why is the rum gone?
You'll see we had a makeover for my birthday. (The blog site, not the queen).

A lovely birthday was had. Where shall I begin?
When I took the underwear out of my purse?
When I frightened the shopkeep by asking where I could remove my nylons?
The tattoos? I got a phoenix, very nice for New Year's, I thought. Boomer got "Super Stud", Steph got a bat, and Beco just copied me (although he had to shave first, unlike me).

And yes, I did wear the tiara all the way home. Thank you, Crabby. The tiara was the icing on the Ice Queen.

At night, Fresh and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean. I want to be Captain Jack when I grow up. Fresh can be Will Turner. Then we watched some of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert -- one of my favourite all-time movies. A quiet night, much needed after the eight crazy nights we've had lately.

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