Monday, January 19, 2004

Come for the onion soup mix, stay for the zombies with mullets in piped pants!!
Here are just a few more things people have been searching for on Google when they stumbled into the Icicle Fief:

"grocery gateway" onion soup package (Just say no! Put the mouse down and back away from the screen.)
handy sitty (not sure…..but seems strangely familiar. Maybe an SNL commercial parody?)
Piped pants le chateau (The eighties called. They want their pants back.)
mullet + shotgun + wolverine (I’m intrigued. And frightened.)
arrogant worms it's great to be a nerd (And I’m Proud to Be a Banker)
"I was a zombie for the f.b.i." review (Obviously my zombie past is catching up with me.)
spice cruel war (Whhaaaat? No. Next!)
"wrapped around your finger" sting "Lord of the rings" (Rings can be wrapped around your finger, but otherwise, I’m stumped.)
"Marooned on the Subway" (Well, may as well read some fine literature while you wait. Like this blog!)
ice queen slut (You wish.)
"The Icies" (Have these become so famous? I can’t even remember what I gave Icy Awards for. I must check.)
Mellencamp bottled water (Why, are his 15 minutes over?)

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