Sunday, January 11, 2004

The Big Tie

I have rescheduled The Big Tie (which is actually a couple of wee clamps). For new readers who will ask, the answers are:
1. No, he doesn't want to.
2. No, I don't care.
3. No, one is enough. More than enough some days. The more I rejoice as he leaves stages behind, the more I realize I never ever want to do that again. The birth itself was a piece of cake. I briefly considered Suroggate Motherhood as an alternate profession.
4. Yes, I know is not reversible.
5. Because I'm on antobiotics 4 or 5 times a year and they negate the pill. Yes, I'd stay on it forever.
6. Jan 28th
7. Lesbian porn, tapioca, mangos (Crabby's ideas. All good.)

Girl's Night Out
Crabby hurt her eye, so Sister Staceypatrick and I had to venture out alone on Friday. We drank, ate appetizers, played pool and phoned my old University roomate - who still lives in her wee hometown. She seems so......subdued. Have we changed that much? Or have we always been more fabulous than our peers? It's a burden, but we bare bear it.

Radmila asks whether we have hand sanitizer in our purses. I did it last year, but here's a snapshot of What's in The Ice Queen's Purse®:
Overdue video "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
Top from Friday that was too boring to wear out to dinner
Smaller purse, inside which is:
Dinky car
Cell phone
Flyer for Kid's Play Hour at local café
My Birthday card from Crabby and Sister

And that's all! Surprising little, if you remember the last list.

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