Tuesday, January 20, 2004

News Flash
I've got a job interview on Friday for job I put the resume in for eons ago (okay weeks ago, but I'm so fabulous, I don't understand why people don't call the minute they read it. Although maybe she didn't get around to looking at it until now..... Yeah. That's the ticket.)

I'm not terribly optimistic, even though I'm perfectly qualified for it, but what the hell. An interview is good practice. Good thing I keep forgetting to pick up my dry cleaning - that means I've got a nice clean suit ready to go.

Unconditional Love
Sister Staceypatrick gave Ice Prince a book called Walter the Farting Dog for his birthday. She told me there's a sequel coming out. My suggestions include:
Mitzi the Cat With Halitosis
Phil the Incontinent Fish
Ray the Parrot with Tourette's Syndrome
Bob the Bi-Polar Hamster
Alice the Squirrel with Vertigo
Vijay the Agorophobic Guinea Pig
Jimbo the Anal Retentive Gecko
Norman the Snake with Eczema
Susan the Forgetful Ferret

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