Thursday, January 08, 2004

Things my Nana Taught Me
Here's a few superstitions I remember. They are most likely Scottish.

Itchy nose: You’re going to kiss a fool
Itchy hand: You’re going to give or get money (depends on which hand’s itchy, I can’t remember)
Itchy feet: You’re going to travel

Sneezing Can Predict Your Future!:
One: A Wish
Two: A Kiss
Three: A disappointment

It's bad luck to have ivy in your house.
It's bad luck to put new shoes on a bed.

And one of my favourites:
Of course, we all know when a cat cleans behind its ears, it's going to snow. Well, one winter, my grandparents' cat cleaned its ears, and then proceeded to lick its butt.
Nana: "What do you think that means?"
Grandfather: "We're going to be up to our asses in snow."

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