Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Best Birthday Gifts (so far...)
Being called a "Frosty Little Vixen" by Lilly
Compact Mirror with Glamour Girl on the Front
Juicy Tubes
A shower. (yes, alone, it's my birthday, not Fresh's)
Ice Prince giving me his costume jewlery to wear to work

See, it doesn't take much to please me.

Last night's B-day party for The Prince was a huge success. The Cake was amazing and Ted's Rack o'Lamb rocked.

What I Want From My Readers for my Birthday
Sister, Crabby and Radmila: A Girl's Night
Brett: More Coffee Guys! Even in cartoon form.
Sugarmama: A Haiku
Eva: A link! C'mon, I've been good all year!
Grumpy: Surprise me.
Boomer: Digital Photo of me in tiara
Beco: Muttonchops (you, not me)

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