Friday, January 23, 2004

Gosh, we're all real impressed down here, I can tell you
Well, the job I interviewed for is actually much further up the ol' corporate ladder than I thought. The interview was a piece of cake -- just a nice chat. I'm perfect for the job. Doesn't mean I'll get it - but I stand a mighty good chance.

My silliest answer to a question (true):
Them: "If you got this job, what would you do for us?"
Me: "How about a little dance?"
(it's their own fault for the syntax of that sentence.)

There were two interviewers, and one seemed like her job was to explain in greater detail why I'd be so good for the job. Strange, but very nice indeed.

I also bought The Pair of Jeans. Yep. I am wearing them right now and they aren't so bad. But they do give me major booty -- but at least they look like they are supposed to do that. Nothing worse than unexpected booty, I always say.

This morning, when I went to pay my subway fare, the collector just loooked into my face, smiled, handed me back my money and nodded me through. Isn't that sweet? Good omen?

What else happended good today? A nap. Always nice.

Now I have to go do some tidying for my dinner party tomorrow.

(And to answer Sister Staceypatrick's question about the boots? I stuffed 'em down my coat sleeves. It wasn't pretty, but my feet were in real live clean shoes for the interview!)

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